Buying Guide 

Choosing an Air Conditioner

Pricing varies depending on size, quality and after sales service. The size of the room you are trying to cool, or heat, will depict the size of air conditioner you require. The unit must be capable to deliver a comfortable environment according to your personal preference.

The position of the installation is a very important aspect to take into consideration when selecting the type of air conditioner to install. This might include a wall mounted, cassette or ducted air conditioner.  

Air Conditioning unit sizes are measured in BTU. British Thermal Unit. It is the measurement of heat extracted from the air per cubic meter over time, hence the cooling/heating capacity of the air conditioner. Rooms with windows, skylights, no ceiling void or other heat load generating factors may require you to upsize on the unit’s BTU’s.


The generalised BTU requirements per room size is as follows:

Room size 15-20 m2 = 9000 BTU         Room size 20-25 m2 = 12000 BTU

Room size 25-35 m2 = 18000 BTU       Room size 35-45 m2 = 24000 BTU


Technology. Non-Inverter or Inverter?

A non-inverter air conditioner unit has a fixed speed compressor motor. Unlike inverter units, they work on an “all or none” principle meaning the compressor automatically goes on and off rather than running at a full speed all the time.

The compressor automatically switches off when the desired temperature is reached and starts again when the temperature increases.

Because of the frequent on-off cycles, the compressor always works at high power which creates a lot of noise while running thereby consuming more electricity making them less energy efficient than their inverter counterparts.

An inverter air conditioner unit has a variable speed compressor motor that adjusts the refrigerant flow inside the unit to control its cooling and heating capacity as required. The speed of the compressor motor in an inverter unit is directly proportional to the frequency of the power supply.

It uses a variable frequency censor to control the speed of the motor which in fact regulates the refrigerant flow inside the unit to provide just the right amount of cooling or heating as needed. This eliminates the frequent start-stop cycles thereby increasing energy efficiency of the unit in the long run.


Service. Repair. Maintenance.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Regular service and maintenance of your air conditioner will prolong the lifespan of your unit.

It is important to service your aircon annually to maintain your warranty on parts and to ensure it keeps running at peak performance and keeps energy costs down.

We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair commercial and residential air conditioning units. Our best solution will restore comfort to your home or office. We offer a six-month guarantee on all completed repair work.


I’m Interested. What next?

Please contact us and request a formal quote on the unit you are interested in. Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, your choice. We will gladly answer questions you may have and recommend a suitable unit for your individual needs.



Please note that these prices are estimates only, subject to daily fluctuations, based on our purchase price with our suppliers. Price are subject to change without notice. Installation fee is not included.

Please use as a guideline. We suggest requesting a formal quote from us before ordering.